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    Bluetooth speaker test

    Bluetooth speaker test

    The Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth communication as a wireless communication interface. It is popular with consumers for its features such as small size, convenient connection, and outstanding sound quality. For Bluetooth speaker manufacturers, how to accurately, quickly and conveniently test the characteristics of speaker, loudspeakers and MIC has become an urgent need. Based on the testing of Bluetooth speakers from incoming inspection to the testing of semi-finished and finished products, CRYSOUND has proposed perfect solutions that can fully meet customers' requirements for product test items. It can ensure the highest quality of Bluetooth speakers and significantly improve the efficiency of Bluetooth production and testing.

    • Bluetooth test
    • High test speed
    • Multi-channel acquisition
    Solution introduction

    • Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth speaker establishes Bluetooth connection with CRY574Pro Bluetooth Dongle.

    • Bluetooth Speaker test: CRY574Pro drives Bluetooth speakers to produce sound through Bluetooth → The sound is collected by the measurement microphone and transmitted to CRY6151B for test and analysis.

    • Bluetooth MIC test: CRY6151 drives the mouth simulator to send the sweep signal → Bluetooth speaker MIC collects the echo, and the data is transmitted to CRY574Pro via Bluetooth for analysis by software.

    Test parameters

    Bluetooth speaker testing

    Frequency Response (FR)

    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

    Higher harmonic (Rub & Buzz)




    Bluetooth microphone test

    Frequency Response (FR)

    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)



    Bluetooth test indicators

    A2DP Music Test

    Bluetooth Keypad Test

    Bluetooth Volume Test

    Absolute Volume Control

    Configuration list
    CRY6151B Electroacoustic tester X1 Standard Details
    CRY Electroacoustic testing software (including bluetooth style) X1 Standard Details
    CRY609 Mouth Simulator X1 Standard Details
    CRY333 Measurement Microphone X1(configuration based on the speaker) Standard Details
    CRY507 Preamplifier X1(configuration based on the speaker) Standard Details
    CRY574Pro Bluetooth dongle X1 Standard Details
    Supplied standard cable X1 Standard Details
    CRY Shielding box X1 Optional, customized Details
    CRY5611 Sound level calibrator X1 *Optional* Details
    PC X1 *Optional* Details
    Bluetooth speaker test fixture X1 *Optional* / Customized Details
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