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    Tweeter/woofer test

    Tweeter/woofer test

    The diaconate speaker is an electroacoustic device and also an important component in the audio equipment. Its quality directly affects the sound quality and effect. The tweeter and woofer are usually used together to make the human ear resonate, so the requirements for sound quality are very high. Our special test solution to tweeters and woofers can fully meet the customer's requirements for product test items, and the test solution can also be customized.

    • Full-automatic testing
    • Multiple sweep modes
    • Low distortion factor
    Solution introduction

    • The speaker is connected to CRY6151B through the HEADPHONE interface to make the speaker sound → the measurement microphone acquires the signals → signals are transmitted through the measurement MIC channel to CRY6151B for test and analysis

    Test parameters

    Speaker test

    Frequency Response (FR)
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
    Resonant frequency (F0)
    Higher harmonic (Rub & Buzz)
    T&S parameters
    Quality factor (Q)
    Configuration list
    CRY6151B Electroacoustic Tester X1 Standard Details
    CRY Electroacoustic Testing Software X1 Standard Details
    CRY333 Measurement Microphone X1 Standard Details
    CRY507 Preamplifier X1 Standard Details
    CRY Shielding Box for Testing X1 Standard, customized Details
    Supplied standard cable X1 Standard Details
    Microphone mounting bracket X1 *Optional*, customized Details
    CRY5611 Sound Level Calibrator X1 *Optional* Details
    PC X1 *Optional* Details
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