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    Environmental noise monitoring

    Environmental noise monitoring

    Environmental noise monitoring has become a popular concern. The equipment often has to work outdoors for a long time under the unattended condition. Therefore, it is crucial to select and use the test equipment with excellent performance, strong stability and good outdoor protection.

    Based on the environmental noise detection solution developed by CRYSOUND, the key equipment meets relevant national standards. The equipment is stable and the solution portfolio is flexible. The environmental noise data (e.g. SPL, octave) can be transmitted to the monitoring server or the cloud in a real-time basis by wired or wireless means. A solution of unattended and remote monitoring can be achieved for environmental noise detection.

    • Unattended operation
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Excellent scalability
    Solution introduction
    Description of environmental noise monitoring solution

    Description of environmental noise monitoring solution

    • The performance of CRY2100 series equipment is subject to GB/T 3785, and the accuracy reaches Grade 2 or above.

    • With an outdoor protection device, it has good environmental and climate protection capabilities.

    • The equipment is mature and stable and can ensure good operation under unattended conditions for a long period of time.

    • Professional R&D teams can support customers' diverse requirements for customization.

    Test parameters
    Environmental noise monitoringRequirements of GB/T 3096-2008: a range of noise parameters, including environmental noise equivalent SPL, equivalent SPL during the daytime, equivalent SPL at night, maximum SPL, and cumulative percentage SPL

    Support to develop the environmental temperature and humidity tests.

    Support to develop environmental and meteorological conditions testing.

    Configuration list
    CRY201/202 data acquisition interruption X1 Standard Details
    CRY2110 Noise Transducer (Grade 2) X1 Optional based on the need Details
    CRY2112 Noise Transducer (Grade 1) X1 Optional based on the need Details
    CRY2120 Noise Transducer (Grade 1, with 1/3 octave) X1 Optional based on the need Details
    Outdoor protective device X1 Standard Details
    Six-parameter meteorological station X1 *Optional* Details
    Wind velocity/direction sensor X1 *Optional* Details
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